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    We are offering an Alternative Type of Wedding Service, many celebrities use this kind of service which is small, personal and private. You choose the location or we can help you. Restaurants can be nice but there are many possibilities. This can also be great for your budget and if your budget isn’t a problem we can introduce you to some nice places we are familiar with.



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    We have Experienced Wedding Pastors to officiate Private or Large Weddings in Atsugi, Machida and the West Side of Tokyo. Both in English and Japanese Over 15 years Experience. Other locations are possible please communicate.

    Our Wedding messages inspire love, encouragement and forgiveness as the Key to a Happy Marriage. Our weekdays are basically open and some weekends. We’re usually busy doing Weddings at Hotels on the weekends but evenings are very possible. Let us know if we can be of service and assist you in a Very Special Wedding.

    One of the big ways you can take advantage of this service would be to have a Wedding in your favorite restaurant or location and use your favorite songs. (This lends to a very personal yet economical Wedding.) Or have a private Wedding and video it and play it at a larger Wedding party or a couple of them. We may also know some live singers but you may know some too.

    Please contact us with your plans and details.


    Here are a few examples of personal weddings.

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    Weddings at Restaurants, Big and Small



    This Disclaimer is for “Japan Wedding Services” and the “Network of Websites” Owned by Japan Bible Institute Ministries (JBIM) as they are often linked together as their services complement each other.

    Although our Pastors have for the greater part been considered the best in their field, offering a high professional standard of service and loving care and encouragement to the couples and their friends and families. But being human they cannot be held responsible for the mispronunciation of a name “they would apologize and correct it on the spot” or of a certain word of the Wedding Script etc. By hiring our Pastors you would be agreeing to this point.

    Our Pastors have usually performed over 1,500 Weddings in the Best Hotels in Tokyo and Kanagawa. And have always been well received.

    Japan Bible Institute Ministries